Poly 2

Can Poly 2 filter the incoming MIDI channels communicates?

Yes, from firmware version 3.0 you can set the incoming MIDI channel in each of the Play Modes.

What's the better choice for MIDI input to Poly 2, USB or DIN?

Both are fine, but if you’re encountering any strange MIDI behaviour over the USB host port, switch to the MIDI DIN which seems to be much more stable in general use.

What is the jumper on the Poly 2 back panel for?

- The module is using 160mA at +12V DC, 14mA at -12V DC. Additional +5V from a separate bus is not required unless using the USB Type-A host port for connecting power-hungry external gear. In such a case, there's a jumper switch on the back panel which sets the module to receive an additional +5V from your power supply. - If you're using the Polyend Tracker with the Poly 2 USB Host port. Polyend Tracker & Poly 2 Eurorack Integration Video Clip (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3vrRQKyoys) Whe...

How can I connect my smartphone to the Poly 2?

The options are: 1. Devices with USB host support (Android/iPad Pro) –connect it directly using a USB cable. 2. Devices with no USB host support (iPhone) -use the Camera Connection Kit with a USB cable or use simple MIDI Interface like IK Multimedia iRig MIDI and connect the module with MIDI cable.

Can Poly 2 power my device via host?

Yes, it can. The USB Type-A host port provides 5V. If the device is power-hungry, you need to switch the jumper on the back of the unit to EXT. Then Poly 2 will draw 5V directly from your Eurorack power supply bus.

What type of 3,5mm jack to MIDI DIN adapter Poly 2 use?

Poly 2 module needs 3,5mm jack to MIDI DIN TRS type B adapter. It's included in the kit. But if you'd need another one, that's what you need.