What is the Polyend Tracker

The Polyend Tracker is a unique take on a retro form factor, aimed at artists who break patterns daily. Despite the retro look, it is equipped with powerful modern functionality, Fx, and a handful of forward-thinking creative tricks. The Polyend Tracker is an innovative, inspiring and immediate tool for making music. It functions as a sampler, a synthesizer, and equips you with a powerful and creative sequencer. Tracker has a large screen, ergonomic keyboard, and a big knob for fast and easy navigation. With Bidirectional MIDI control, it plays nice with other gear. It is also standalone and portable – everything you need to produce music anywhere you are.

Tracker features an 8-track sequencer. Each project you create can hold 255 patterns with up to 128 steps each. Every step on each track has dedicated slots for inserting Notes, Instruments, and 2 Effects. Use Song Mode to arrange different patterns together to create a Song, Take advantage of the Perform Mode to mangle, remix, and apply global Fx parameters to different tracks on different patterns. Finally render your sequences to audio files internally, without the use of a computer.