What is the jumper on the Poly 2 back panel for?

- The module is using 160mA at +12V DC, 14mA at -12V DC. Additional +5V from a separate bus is not required unless using the USB Type-A host port for connecting power-hungry external gear. In such a case, there's a jumper switch on the back panel which sets the module to receive an additional +5V from your power supply.

- If you're using the Polyend Tracker with the Poly 2 USB Host port.

Polyend Tracker & Poly 2 Eurorack Integration Video Clip

When using Poly 2 USB type A Host port for powering the Tracker or any other instruments, make sure to provide a stable +5V from your case AC adapter.

There's a jumper switch on the back panel of the Poly 2.

By default, the jumper is set to provide the 5V straight from the case AC adapter 5V bus if available. If there's no dedicated 5V bus in your case then the Host port may not be able to power up connected instruments sufficiently. In such a case, change the jumper switch position to provide power for the USB host port from the 12V bus.