How do I update Medusa's firmware?

Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer firmware update instructions.

- Download the Polyend Tool and the firmware update file.
- Use no USB hubs or adapters. Use only a straight connection between the instrument and the computer.

1. Connect the Medusa with your computer using a USB cable,
2. Power up the synth,
3. Run the Polyend Tool app (right-click > open),
4. Click the "Find Device" button in the Polyend Tool application,
5. Click "Update",
6. Press the reset/flash Button on Medusa's back panel (shown on the picture attached in the archive),
7. Point the downloaded firmware hex file (Medusa.hex),
8. The instrument will restart after the flashing,
9. You can check the installed firmware version in the Config > Firmware.

Optionally you can use the Polyend Tool to load the preset banks and wavetable files.

If after the update (or during a fast off/on power toggling) your Medusa unit would start humming, glitching, freezing, or behaving strangely just toggle it off for 10 seconds and back on (analog circuitry needs a moment sometimes).