Is the Polyend Tracker MIDI compatible?

Yes, it can send and receive MIDI messages over its dedicated mini-TRS Type B MIDI ports and over the bidirectional USB Type-C port.

- MIDI output sends: clock/transport/notes/CC/PC,

- MIDI input receives clock/transport/notes (with vel and micro-moves)/CC with supported incoming CC messages:

  • CC41 – CC48 – Performance mode track change.
  • CC51 – CC62 – Performance mode Fx slot values.
  • CC71 – CC82 – Master section mixer volume levels.
  • CC79 – Delay mix.
  • CC80 – Reverb mix.
  • CC81 – Dry mix.
  • CC82 – Line input.

Note: The MIDI PC communication is being sent right before the MIDI notes.