Is there a factory reset function in the Medusa synth?

No, but you can clear all the config settings: Go to config > firmware > press and hold the clear button + config button > confirm the config reset with the encoder. Optionally you can reflash the unit with the newest firmware and load the default preset banks.

How do you route an external audio instrument through the medusa for processing?

Plug any audio into the Medusa audio input but I don't hear anything and manually press or sequence any of the pads/steps in order to open up a gate.

How do I update Medusa's firmware?

Medusa Hybrid Synthesizer firmware update instructions. - Download the Polyend Tool and the firmware update file ( - Use no USB hubs or adapters. Use only a straight connection between the instrument and the computer. 1. Connect the Medusa with your computer using a USB cable, 2. Power up the synth, 3. Run the Polyend Tool app (right-click > open), 4. Click the "Find Device" button in the Polyend Tool application, 5. Click "Update", 6. Press the reset/fla...

Can Medusa synth be controlled by external MIDI devices?

Yes, it will receive MIDI clock, transport, notes and CCs.

My Medusa turns on but seems unresponsive. What do I do?

When the MIDI local off is turned on, your Medusa unit may look like it's unresponsive, disable this function to gain back the control over the synth. Similar confusion can happen when the MIDI channel per voice is activated.

Are the wavetables in the Medusa user interchangeable?

No, they are not.

My Medusa unit got stuck at startup, what do I do?

In such case - press the ENV 1 button in order to break the initial calibration. Then > go to config > firmware > press and hold the clear button + config button > confirm the config reset with the encoder. This will clear the calibration tables. Then go to config > manually calibrate the unit, see if the issue still occurs.

Does Medusa's swing function works on an external MIDI clock?

No, it doesn't. The swing is generated in regard to the internal clock source only.

That's the hi-pitch sound on the headphones output when Medusa is not playing?

This is auto-calibration. The analog oscillators are physically running during it so even though their volume is turned all the way down for tuning, you can still hear them a wee bit in the headphone output (only, does not apply to Master out). In 4.0 auto-calibration is happening much less often as the synthesizer heats up so you shouldn't be hearing this too often.

Anything I should know about the Medusa synth analog OSC tuning?

This one is important. While the digital oscillators are always in perfect tune, one of the analogue circuitry attractions is the tuning imperfections (which can be noticed especially easily when there are 3 digital and 3 analog oscillators next to each other). Sometimes the Dreadbox analogue circuitry needs a good warmup, especially after spending long days in warehouses or in transport. Please leave your unit turned on for 24h see if there's any difference. There are three calibration options ...

Can Medusa's LFOs and ENVs send out CC's?

Yes, both the Medusa's envelopes and LFOs, all 10 of them can be used as a modulation source for external devices.

Are the Medusa's envelopes bipolar?

No, the envelopes are unipolar only.

Can I use the Medusa Grid to control external instruments?

Yes, both the MPE pads and sequencer. All the potentiometers send CCs too. LFOs and ENVs are also being sent out as MIDI CCs. Medusa can also send out a clock and transport. The MIDI local off function is available too.

How can I break the initial calibration process in Medusa?

In order to break the internal calibration process - press ENV 1 button.

Can I change the layouts of the Medusa Grid pads?

Yes, you can choose from 8 different note layouts, root note and music scales. In Grid mode, the Medusa Grid pads can become a separate presets.