Anything I should know about the Medusa synth analog OSC tuning?

This one is important. While the digital oscillators are always in perfect tune, one of the analogue circuitry attractions is the tuning imperfections (which can be noticed especially easily when there are 3 digital and 3 analog oscillators next to each other). Sometimes the Dreadbox analogue circuitry needs a good warmup, especially after spending long days in warehouses or in transport. Please leave your unit turned on for 24h see if there's any difference. There are three calibration options in the Medusa. The first one is the startup - initial calibration. Then, when the sequencer is stopped and you're not touching the pads - there's the automatic calibration represented by the small dot in the right upper corner of the middle screen. Last but not least - there's the manual calibration which you can run from the config menu level. Sometimes it's necessary to > go to config > firmware > press and hold the clear button + config button > confirm the config reset with the encoder. This will clear the calibration tables. Then go to config > manually calibrate the unit, see if the issue still occurs.