What are the available instrument playback modes in the Tracker?

- 1-shot (preview, set start point, set endpoint, zoom),

- Forward/Backward/Pingpong Loop (preview, set start point, set loop start, set loop end, set endpoint, zoom).

- Slice – use to slice a sample by manually adding and adjusting slice points, or use the auto slicing function which automatically detects dynamic amplitude changes and slices audio file accordingly (separate slices portions can be adjusted later on). The number of the slice can be accessed via per step Slice Fx (S).

- Beat Slicer – use to play and record the sample slices per step. In this play mode notes represent slice numbers (starting from C1 > slice 1).

- Wavetable – using this play mode you can make a Wavetable synthesizer by using any sample (or specially prepared interpolated wavetable audio files).

- Granular – this is a particular approach to granular synthesis where each voice has one grain, it is simple yet very musical. Just set the grain position, length, and shape and adjust the direction of the playback loop (Forward, Backward, Pingpong). Apply position modulations using available LFO or envelopes.