Is the Perc suitable for recording for full velocity range sample libraries.

Perc is not 100% noiseless and is making a slight quiet sound by itself. Because of this, sampling on the lowest velocities where there's no louder impact on the instrument can be problematic as it will add its own "click" sound to the recorded material (which will be surely noticed by precise microphones). Also, a single Perc beater might not be strong enough to power up large kick drums on the highest velocities.

Is the three-way "classic" Polyend Perc controller still available?

No, we changed the design so you do not have to order three Perc Beaters each time. The new Perc lets you freely configure the number of beaters.

What are the differences between Perc Pro and Perc

While the Beater remains exactly the same, the difference can be found in the controller type. The three-way "classic" controller got replaced with a single unit. Another difference is that the new Perc Controller power supply is noiseless. We also upgraded the clamp.

Can I extend Perc beater cable?

Yes, you can use standard DMX lighting cable (5-pin XLR).

What are Perc inputs and outputs?

The Perc Controller I/O: • 1x MIDI DIN input, • 1x MIDI USB input, • 1x Drum Gate input, • 1x CV Velocity input, • 1x MIDI DIN thru/out, • 1x Perc Beater output,

Perc is getting quite hot after a few minutes, is this normal?

The balls/beaters can get quite hot - it's typical, no worries here.

Are there any drivers for installing Perc?

Nope, Perc is a class-compliant device, so 100% Plug&Play.

Is clamp included in Perc box?

Yes, a dedicated clamp is included.

Can you recommend a tripod/stand for Perc?

We are using standard drum tripods, and they work pretty well.

Can I control more than one beater with one MIDI signal?

Yes! It's as easy as chaining multiple controllers together with MIDI cable. Then you'll be able to control as many as you chain with one MIDI signal using MIDI DIN or USB input.

Are the strikers in Perc user interchangeable?

The Perc looks simple from the outside but it's a sophisticated instrument in which construction does not allow us to give its users an option to change the strikers themselves. You can always attach different types of fabric to the wooden strikers using double-sided tape eg.

Are there different striker types available for Perc?

We're installing wooden (oak) strikers in the Perc as default. Silicone and aluminium strikers are being installed by demand when purchased directly at (you can state what strikers you need to be installed on your units at the www store checkout - there's a form for additional information).

What's included in Perc box?

Each Perc box includes: - One beater, - One controller (capable of controlling one beater), - One clamp, - USB cable, - AC adapter - printed manual.