How do I update Polyend Play firmware?

To flash the firmware of your Polyend Play:

  • Copy the firmware .ppf file to the microSD card using the attached microSD card USB dongle reader,
  • or use the Polyend Tool,

How to perform Polyend Play firmware update video.

Find the latest official firmware release here.

In case of trouble

The first and simplest action to try is to disconnect the USB C cable connector from its port on the back panel of the instrument. This usually helps. Another thing to do in such a case is to try the config reset in the Config/Firmware section.

But if your device lost power during the upgrade, the SD file structure was damaged, or the firmware doesn’t boot up for any other reason, you can perform one of the two emergency flashing procedures as follows:

First method:

  • just simply press the hidden reset button on the back panel of the instrument and it will automatically flash with a randomly picked firmware .ptf file from the SD card Firmware/ folder.

Second method:

  • download the Polyend Tool,
  • download a known working firmware file either from the Polyend website or one of the previous beta .ppf files,
  • remove the SD card from the Polyend Play,
  • connect your Play device directly to your computer with a USB cable (avoid USB hubs and dongles),
  • power up your Play,
  • in the Polyend Tool, choose the .ppf file you want to flash with,
  • use a pin to press the hidden Reset button next to the Play’s USB C port,
  • wait for the firmware update to complete,
  • if it’s at 100% but the device didn’t reboot on its own, do it manually,
  • re-insert the SD card to the Play's slot,