What folder structure and general rules should be followed when creating own Sample Packs for Polyend Play?

  • The use of sample packs allows the Fill tool to populate tracks with the appropriate sounds. For example, when using the Beat Fill, kick, snare, and hi-hat samples from the analogically named pack folders will be used. These particular sample folders must contain the words kick, snare, and hat in their name’s strings of characters to be properly recognized by the Fill tool algorithm.
  • When there are two folders containing the same string of characters required by the Beat Fill algorithm in the sample pool, samples will be drawn from the top one only.
  • All melodic samples should be tuned in C,
  • It's best to use about 10-20 samples per folder,
  • The sample amount per pack is limited to 255,
  • The overall time depends on the quality of samples and is around 6 minutes in 44.1 kHz 16-bit,
  • The sample volume should be 0dB,

That's pretty much it.