What are the Polyend Tracker's shortcuts?

While most of the Polyend Tracker functionalities are rather self-explanatory (just look at the scheme and key names), there are some tricks and shortcuts implemented to speed up the composition process which might not be so obvious at first glance.

Most sections are using shortcuts. Itʼs good to master them to compose music in a fast and easy manner. Shortcuts apply in similar ways in different sections of the Tracker and are mentioned in these particular sections of the manual, but few are worth mentioning here at the beginning:

- Song + Play > plays the song,

- Master key + jog-wheel > Master volume control,

- Song key + jog-wheel > Song Tempo control,

- Shift + Insert > go to the top of the pattern's track,

- Shift + up arrow while on the top track > mark all the step,

These are only a few examples, refer to the manual for all the available shortcuts.